Stock Purchase – SSE (2011)

So folks, the first post that gives you the background to my personal managed ISA – the what’s in and out of it – they will be appearing over the next month or two, so I hope you enjoy!

So my longest holdings I have had in my ISA – I also increased my holdings some years ago when I moved further shares in from outside of the ISA wrapper. They have done a good steady job of slowly increasing dividends over the years, and are a nice steady income as well as some capital gains.

Why did I buy them? When I bought in the ISA, the first reason was because they appeared in a lot of the funds that are advertised, so if all the fund managers hold it, what could be wrong with that?! Secondly, it’s a long term energy purchase. We all need energy in some form to heat our homes, cook our food etc. so it’s not something that is going to go away. Granted competition has increased, their dubious practices of mugging off their customers and all the other things that a lot of big businesses seem to do. How will renewables affect things and so forth, but I think they will continue to tick along. For the shares that were sitting outside of my ISA they paid a steady dividend and it was always a nice surprise to get the money in but of course outside of the wrapper they are taxed. That was the reason I transferred them into the wrapper.

Would I buy more? Yes if the price was right, as it stands I am up a reasonable amount and it continues to throw out dividends, so I am happy.

Hold for now (average book cost price, including all fees taxes etc. was £12.66 per share). You can see the portfolio page here and I will add to it as I post more archive purchases to give the full background.

So a question for you all out there – would you be interested in knowing the average price paid for all of my purchase (as in the overall book cost per share, after taxes, trading fees etc.?)

Update 17th December 2016: I thought it would also be useful to see the income this has produced over time, so to date, dividends paid out equates to just over 42% of my original investment!


Author: fireinlondon

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2 thoughts on “Stock Purchase – SSE (2011)”

  1. I think it’s nice to see the whole picture if you’re willing to share but I totally understand if you want to keep it private. They are some issues if you are trying to do stealth wealth and don’t want people to know all of your finances.


    1. Hi MSM,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I am more than happy to share the average price paid, including all trading, tax etc. costs as well, so I will update accordingly – although for now I won’t disclose the total holdings size as it is very much a quiet stealth wealth as you say!

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