Early Retirement goes Mainstream!

So one of my guilty “non FI” habits is my subscription to Moneyweek. I enjoy reading it and get a lot of useful information from it, and also the regular property porn part (so far I think only once have they had things that would be considered realistic – but I love looking at private islands and so forth!).

In addition they also provide some useful suggestions on the wine side, so I won’t complain.

Today is a pretty short post, but going through it I caught a section titled “Want to retire in your 30s? Here’s how to do it”. Obviously I can’t copy and paste it in here as it is part of a subscription – but if you are already a subscriber, then you can access the full details here but they cover Jacob and his approach. They rightly call out the extreme lengths that require it, but also give a link to his book. Whilst I don’t think Moneyweek is particularly aimed at the masses, it’s great to see some publicity starting and showing that it is possible. They also call out the great Monevator site as well so seems the visibility is getting higher, which has to be a good thing!


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4 thoughts on “Early Retirement goes Mainstream!”

  1. £1 per issue doesn’t seem so bad for Moneyweek from a budget perspective although from what I’ve read about it, it doesn’t really sound like my sort of publication 🙂 (maybe that is what you were getting at?)

    I remember them predicting the end of the world about 5 years ago, seemed like a very “headline grabber” type of thing to do.

    It’s great that they are featuring stuff like that though of course!

    It seems like US bloggers (MMM obvs, plus 1500days and MadFIentist spring to mind) are more frequently being featured on sites like Yahoo finance, business insider etc… I have yet to see any UK ones featured anywhere though. I think that perhaps we are a more private bunch over here although Mr 1500 says that those articles are run without their permission or input so I guess there is nothing stopping them running similar stories about the UK lot.

    Maybe it is just an exposure thing? Recent FIRE achieving bloggers RIT and FFBF probably just do not have as big an audience as those US blogs and so the media have not picked up on it yet 😦

    So the information is definitely out there for the masses now, if they are looking for it and are open minded enough to read through the evidence and not dismiss it out of hand straight away!

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    1. Hi TFS,

      Yes I don’t think it is too bad, and it is one of my little luxuries as it were. Haha well they certainly have a number of running themes, but as long as you treat it like all other publications and take it with a pinch of salt and stick to your guns it’s not bad, in my opinion 🙂

      It is indeed great to see it starting to come to light that you don’t have to work until you drop. I have to say I haven’t seen anything much on featured UK blogs – this was the first time I had seen anything mentioned, I am not sure if this is something to do with the US scale so the pure volume of people.
      I suspect for it to get much traction in the UK it will need a lot larger number of bloggers.

      I also wonder if it is an attitude as well – the yes we can versus the oh its too hard again. RIT worked his butt off and did a superb job to hit FI, but I suspect many wouldn’t be willing to put in the sacrifice, and FFBF I wonder if people will just say “oh it was that inheritance” – I don’t know!

      As you say – the challenge is for people to read through and not just dismiss it, which seems to be the way, and I fear a bit of the YOLO means that people just aren’t willing to put in the graft.


  2. I’d read Moneyweek when it came for free with my The Week subscription (since canned). I was just getting started on sorting my financial shit out and Moneyweek terrified me. Every article seemed to be talking about something Huge and Lifechanging and Certain to happen: subscribe to this New Service and we’ll tell you how to avoid your legs falling off. Between the end of the world and the number of articles that tell you to do This Exact Thing that are then contradicted in the next article it just seemed a mess to me. If I’d have paid more attention I don’t think I would have every gotten started. Each to their own.

    I’m torn with the increased exposure. I think it is great when it brings more of the FI-curious into the fold, but I don’t want it publicised so much that people who aren’t interested can figure out what I’m trying to do in stealth. I definitely don’t want it to become the next hipster/vegan/clean eating thing that everyone knows about and takes the piss about.


    1. Hi Playing with Fire,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Yes – they do tend to put a bit of doom and gloom on all sorts of things (like the end of money has been a regular one!) and they do like to go for some of the more exotice ventures (anyone else trading in Vietnam?) but I actually quite enjoy it, but I also take it with the same pinch of salt that I take all other publications with, but as you say each to their own!

      I can see where you are coming from but I suspect it is too hard work to take over the new hipster. I guess it depends on how you play the cards – I choose to spend my pennies on travel and my mortgage.

      My gut feel is even with extra publicity only a very small percentage will even read it or look further, and of those that do probably only a fraction will try it, and most will decide they can’t cope with the sacrifices in our current society..



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