2014 Stock and Fund Purchases

Stock Purchase – MRW

I’ve had had my eye on MRW for some time, prior to the start of the supermarket wars, in particular given the large scale of their land bank meant their share,s based on land values at the time, should be worth £3 a share never mind the added bonus of throwing in a retail business. Ok, so they aren’t as low as they once were which I guess is something, but still some way off the recovery. In recent months they have put in some good progress in terms of profitability, market share etc. (depending on who you read / believe). The tie up with Amazon as well may help them get through the lack of online presence. They are ok, but not great for the overall health of my portfolio, however they are still throwing out some dividends. I expect I will hold onto them for a while, until I see a compelling reason to sell them out, or find something better. They have made a good solid progress over the last year which is very positive for the portfolio!


Stock Purchase – BOD

Ok maybe I should really put this down as Gamble, but anyway – I think a casino may be safer!

You thought HGM was high risk? You ain’t seen nothing yet… although there is something quite cool at owning over 100,000 shares in a company 🙂

I’ve averaged paying just under 1.7p per share. I topped up twice in 2014, and further in 2015, buying down each time (remember the lesson folks?). I stopped buying more when it was at 0.8p a share which I am sorry about, but I stuck to my guns of being over exposed to high risk as it was. They don’t pay any dividend so this is a pure play gamble on them finding a good diamond deposit at some point. It’s one of those that is either going to be my stake is completely wiped out (where my mind is for strength), or will make a damn fine return (my hope). If nothing else it’s quite comical, and there is something about seeing that many shares in one company. Who knows, they may get bought out by a bigger company, I can dream right? It doesn’t take a lot to swing up and down, and hopefully this will give me some positive returns (it’s just about in positive territory at the time of writing). Who knows!

For now the update has been positive from the CEO, but then it would be – let’s see what happens with the ongoing work they are doing in the drilling.


Stock Purchase – Barc

I’ve actually traded in and out of Barclays quite a lot over the years, and its usually done not too badly especially as they tend to stick within some fairly tight bounds. At the minute its just above what I paid for at the time of writing. I do think longer term that they will find a way to get back up there, and hopefully restart a decent dividend scheme again, and so I am holding out for that for now. I think a lot will depend on where it is in the price swing and where my portfolio is in the balance, and I will add or remove accordingly, otherwise I will continue to collect the relatively small dividend.


Stock Purchase – HSBA

Noticing a pattern on the financial side here?! So given how far they had fallen from their price pre-2008, and their exposure to the Far East, I thought I would use this as some diversification, and also topped up my holdings in them in 2015. They are continuing to churn out dividends on a quarterly basis (which I like), although nothing spectacular. They are now starting to tick up quite nicely – the question as always is at what point do I take profits?



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