2016 Stock Purchases

So at last, the final “nail” in the coffin to bring my portfolio into the full public eye (well apart from January update that is in progress!).

A very quiet year was 2016 on the purchasing side – a number of expenses meant I couldn’t save as hard as I would have liked, but such is life…

Just after the Brexit vote, when everything was going to pot, I decided to do my usual timing of the market – something you should definitely not do! I’ve been meaning to add to my trackers with a FTSE-250 tracker simply because I don’t have much exposure. Simple home bias has led me to add this one in, and it will continue to help diversify my ownership. I would expect over time that my exposure on this tracker will increase, and was chosen as a non Vanguard to help diversify from Vanguard as well. There really isn’t much to add to this other than that! I will add more en the price is lower.

Add at the right price


Author: fireinlondon

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