January 2017 ISA Changes

So, January was a fairly active month on the ISA front. It is more trading than I have done in a long time but this was in part triggered by an off from my provider (TD Direct) to allow stock purchases at £1 (including trackers).

Stock Sale – HGM

HGM has done me proud at last, the patience was well rewarded, although it has been one heck of a roller coaster run – it has done me well and provided a great return to the portfolio. I sold out in two tranches, one at £1.45 and a larger tranche at £1.67. This was a significant profit and was forming a huge part of my portfolio so it helps with my diversification. Some of the funds were redeployed (see below), some of it is still sitting in cash in the ISA ready to be put to work at the right opportunity. As I watch the price continue to tick up, do I regret it? Naturally a little as I have “lost” a huge amount more profit however the plus side is it has removed the volatility in the portfolio. If I hadn’t sold it would now be worth around 20% of the entire portfolio – not good for a single AIM stock!

ETF Purchase – VHYL

So as part of my work to increase the tracker funds in my portfolio I purchased further shares in the Vanguard High Yield. I will continue to add more and more to this until it makes up about 1/3 of my portfolio, although this will be a drag on the overall performance I believe (or it may save me only the future will show!).

It’s quite funny really – I didn’t even look at the price of it when I bought, I just bought. I hardly check the price now either (other than on my updates) as I know I don’t need to worry, the only way it will go wrong is if the entire world stock markets collapse to nothing in which case the value of my ISA is likely to be the least of my worries!

Stock Purchase – Braemer Shipping Services (BMS)

So this has been on my watchlist for some time, and I couldn’t believe me luck when I saw the initial price, and so I bought a slug of shares at an average price (including fees and stamp duty) of £2.85. This was another great lesson in why you should not try and time the market, as what happened next? A bad set of trading results and the shares plummeted. At one point I was down about 17% in a matter of days, and a dividend cut to boot (although it will still be giving over 6% on my price). I do believe that they will recover in time, and so give it a few years and I am sure I will have another healthy profit. Even now it is slowly starting to tick back up – I am playing the long game here!

Did you buy anything other than trackers in January?



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