Investing in myself

So, a little while ago, I mentioned that I wanted to position myself to get promoted by 2020.

I have continued to put my hand up for “extra curricular” activities at work, and making sure I do more than just the day job. In effect this means that as an absolute minimum I have worked 50 hours per week, the normal is probably close to 60 or 70 (not including checking emails on my phone) – plus some weekend working. In fact this bank holiday, for the third time, I am checking in on some of the stuff that is going on and did some more work this morning as well as various calls.

I say this not because I want your sympathy, but to demonstrate that to get ahead in work, life or anything, you need to put the effort in. I could easily have sat back, done my contractual hours, and waited, but that is not me either. I know had I taken that approach, then I wouldn’t progress.

I also think because of this, I have the opportunity that I have now taken. A little while ago my boss called me up, and we had a good chat about a potential opportunity for me. It requires me to put my head above the proverbial parapet, be seen and a lot of visibility. Would he have thought of me or called me had I not always put my hand up? No – I am sure of that.

Naturally, I jumped at it! I’ve been doing it now for a little while, and slowly more and more things are coming my way which I am having to learn fast. My aim is to do as good a job of it as I can and show what I can do and make it my own. It’s a steep learning curve as I go on, but fortunately I have a great boss who is also very supportive. There is limited handover it feels more a case of throw things at me and see how I cope and would I ask if required.

Will it guarantee me a promotion? Hell no. In fact, if I don’t do a good job, it will probably make it impossible for me to get a promotion. Basically, screw it up and I have had it. That said – if I make a good job of it then I will be really laying down the foundations to support promotion. If I can make it my own then hopefully I can keep the role ongoing and set myself up.

What was interesting was the reaction of some people outside of work. I am taking on a much bigger role, with much more scrutiny and visibility. A number of friends asked if I got the pay rise to go with it. Of course I didn’t. They then very helpfully shared their thoughts that it was a stupid idea to take it without the pay rise.

Thanks. Whilst I understand the view, I also live in the real world 🙂 For what I do, you don’t get the promotion, title or pay rise until you have shown you can do the job. If I had said I want a pay rise to go with it, then I have no doubt I would have been told to b*gger off and no doubt never give another opportunity.

I also think there was a large chunk of luck involved in this – being in the right place at the right time, and being able to take the opportunity. Having said that, even if all those happened again and I hadn’t worked hard and shown what I can do, then I may not have been thought of.

As always – I do believe hard work and a level of luck are important, hopefully this will go well and set me up nicely – I hope. Always put in your best and full effort regardless of what it is you are doing – it’s worth doing it to the best of your ability.

All the promotions over the years have added to my remuneration which in turn has helped to keep driving up my savings rate – so investing in myself has generated the biggest returns!


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2 thoughts on “Investing in myself”

  1. ‘Sticking your head above the parapet, being seen and getting visibility’ is what got people ahead at the last company I worked at. Being visible means more people get to know you, know about you, know what you can do. Next, you need someone to champion you (sounds like your boss is doing this), to network on your behalf as it’s not always easy to sing your own praises so better to have someone do it for you!

    Hard work on its own won’t cut it (I should know!), but hard work + visibility + luck should give you the best chance for promotion – I wish you all the best and hope your efforts are justly rewarded!


    1. Hi Weenie,

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes absolutely – you have to do so much more than just do a good job and work hard. You need to be in the seniors minds and become their “go to” guy. For me sadly for the promotion I need multiple people to champion me, so I am working on that at the minute.

      You are spot on – it takes all three, and I have to be honest right now I am shattered, it’s been a long couple of weeks with a lot on – not just physical hours but the mental challenges as well, but it is all good!


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