May ’17 – Go T’ Pub Performance

So, my very first Go T’ Pub performance report! For the full details over all of the portfolios as a summary please refer to the full month end report – this is specifically looking at what has happened on the Go T’ Pub portfolio only. I have split this into the various sections as I had described when setting it up, however if there is anything else people are interested in seeing in this portfolio just let me know and I will consider what can be done!

So firstly the key bullet points:

  • New Funds Added. £1,100 was added to the account
  • No withdrawals were made
  • No dividends were received
  • Left over cash. £33 was left over uninvested from last month

Overall performance: The starting value of 1st May was £5,083.88, with £1,100 in new funds added, and £0 withdrawals, meaning total starting value is taken as £6,183.88. We finished the month on £6,394.06, so the total performance across the whole portfolio this month was 3.40%.


As this is the first month of purchase it makes it a little easier! The £1,100 bought 18 shares at an execution price of £59.0135 per share. As I include all charges based on total book cost to give an average price, with the £1.50 cost of investment, this gives an average price of £59.09683. As this is the first month, naturally the value of the ETF is less than the contributions so far, this is going to be interesting to see the impact over time! It is really too early to try and take any meaningful view on this!


Cash vs. Investment Trust

So, this is the first real month of progress given the time to get the funds in, screwing up and buying the wrong thing. Not the greatest way of doing it, but such is life. I will repeat what I have said before – you should not transfer part of your emergency cash into investments. I am doing it as I don’t feel I need the cash in that ISA as part of my emergency fund.

So, how is it looking now?

Starting Value £5,126.83
Cash £5,126.94
S&S ISA IT £5,269.14

What’s funny on the graph below is that the Cash value has changed so little to the Cash ISA value you can’t actually see them both!


So far so good  on that side, but of course, it is early days and I am still expecting Mr. Market to throw a nice crash which means it will definitely be worth a lot less.


Author: fireinlondon

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2 thoughts on “May ’17 – Go T’ Pub Performance”

  1. Hi FiL
    Looking good already although it’s early days and we know how wobbly the markets can get! It’ll be good once your dividends start trickling in.


    1. Hi Weenie,

      Thanks – as you say very early days but I am starting to get used to Selftrade now and its slowing building up – one more week and I get to buy another slug of VWRL 🙂 I am hopeful I will also get a (relatively small) dividend in June as well, but lets see 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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