Aug ’17 – Go T’ Pub Performance

So some have you may have noticed that it has been a little quiet here of late – things have been very busy with both family and work going on, hence the lack of posts. I am a little disappointed with myself on this as I do want to keep a volume of posts up, and even have some almost ready to post, but time just doesn’t allow. With multiple work and networking evenings leaves less than enough time to sleep let alone anything else.

Anyway, enough of the excuses… on with the show!

For the full details over all of the portfolios as a summary please refer to the full month end report – this is specifically looking at what has happened on the Go T’ Pub portfolio only.

So the key bullet points for this month:

  • New Funds added. As always, the regular contribution of £1,100 has gone in
  • This month the VWRL generated no dividends, so no income to help me through. However, the CTY kicked out a dividend of 4.3p per share, or a total of £51.72
  • No withdrawal was made.
  • Left over cash is ambiguous at present (see below)

Overall performance: The starting value was £8,448.30, with £1,100 in new funds added, and £0 withdrawals, meaning total starting value was £9,548.30. We finished the month on £9,664.77, so the total performance across the whole portfolio was 1.22%.


So, no extra funds added, but meant that I added in another 18 units – giving me a total of 73 units there now. The average price now paid for each unit is £60.44 – slightly higher than last month. Despite all the noise over the last few months, the grand difference of price paid over time has hardly changed much, showing that for all the up and down noise over the months, it really doesn’t make a lot of difference.

So, how does that make the pretty picture of contributions vs. value look?


So for the first time the value of my purchases are worth slightly more than my contributions – which includes the cost of the transactions, so not too bad. It will only take one minor blip in the market for things to reduce. Despite all of this, still in not a bad position with a good chunk of change there. If I use my “bag of fag packet” numbers, £4.5k should be just over £10 a month already. I wait to see what the dividends do.

Cash vs. Investment Trust

So now the fun part, the cash vs. stocks for the emergency fund. Remember… you really SHOULD NOT DO THIS. I can’t say that enough. I have a higher risk tolerance than most in some sense, but it is not something you should do.

So, how is it looking?

Cash Now stands at £5,127.02
S&S ISA IT Now stands at £5,148.84*

* This excludes the income from the dividend as it came on the last day of the month

So stocks are slightly ahead (excluding dividend), as we can see from the pretty picture below


So why did I not include the dividends? I have dividend auto investment turned on, so the funds will buy some more CTY shares during September, and at that point it will come into its own.

So the cash ISA gave 4p of interest in a month, the stocks over £16 (averaged per month for the previous quarter) which shows the difference of the returns for stocks compared to cash. Having said that – I need stocks to be much higher than cash so that I can cope with a crash should I need to sell for the cash.


Overall nothing of much interest going on here – the CTY I just forget about. It’s there, Selftrade automatically reinvest the dividends, and so it just ticks along doing what it will. The VWRL keeps getting topped up each month and so helps growing my overall total net worth / retirement levels.

One very positive side I have found is more psychological. To date I have been fanatical about tracking things, and trying to outperform, to the extent I check my portfolio as often as I can (read a minimum of once a day). Now, with the GTP ISA I really don’t. It doesn’t matter what the markets are doing I am matching it, so I can fire and forget. I really can’t express just how great a feeling this is. Yes, I have had some out sized returns in my other ISA, but at the same time I have had some massive drops as well. Using the VWRL means that I just don’t care – bliss!


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4 thoughts on “Aug ’17 – Go T’ Pub Performance”

  1. Hi FiL

    This blog-lark isn’t easy, is it? Real life is always going to get in the way but is way more important. Us readers will still be here when you update so no need to beat yourself up about not posting on time. Hope you’ve enjoyed the time with the family.

    I do like these GTP updates, firstly because you’re investing in ETFs/ITs which I’ve invested in but also because of what the fund is for ultimately, ie fun! 🙂

    I also understand why you like this portfolio too – it’s one less thing to worry about! I have to say that when I invest in ETFs or funds, I too don’t bother checking the price – I just buy regardless. When I first starting investing, I was needlessly checking the value of my funds on a daily basis and watching it go up and down (and worrying when it went down!) These days, I’m just checking once a month when I do my blog update and that’s enough for me really. Far less stressful!


  2. Hi Weenie,

    Definitly not easy – and why I always wanted to have some drafts ready, but this last week really has been crazy – I have had between 3 and 6 hours sleep a night for the last week so it is starting to catch up! I am keen to make sure I do keep things flowing, but appreciate that people are still there 🙂
    Time with family is always really good, and enjoying it so thats what counts 🙂

    Glad you are enjoying the GTP – and yes it is slowly going up and I can’t wait for it to be higher!

    I really can’t believe how much less stress the ETFs are and how much I just dont care now it is great. As you say you monitor your own and I alwasys took it personally when I had a loss… but the returns I have had have been better, but lets be honest… what is not to like with a standard direct debit and forget about things? Bliss. Highly recommended!

    Hope things are going well and the kitchen is nearly there!


    1. …the kitchen…can’t get the workmen in and it’s going to drag into October. What’s annoying is that it’s preventing me from getting on with my homebrewing activities!


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