Blink and you miss it….

So just a short post for today, but something of note! Ok this should have been posted on the 18th November, the anniversary of my first ever post, but that didn’t happen with all the excitement in November. So this means its almost an end of year post, maybe something I should continue to do in the future, who knows!

I find this slightly surreal to be sitting here and typing this, but FiL is now officially 13 months old…

With the exception of the last couple of months (for various reasons) I have managed to keep a steady rate of posts, and some interesting stats:

  • I’ve posted a grand total of 80 posts – so just over 6 a month on average – I need to push to keep that up!
  • I’ve had over 10,000 views
  • Weenie has been the most prolific with the comments (63 to be exact!)
  • Where to start has strangely been the most commented on page (I clearly need to write more interesting / thought provoking articles!)

So that’s the blog side of things, what about other things that have happened since I started the blog? I am going to ignore anything around what has happened in the wider world (politics, economics etc.) as there is so much.


Retirement funds (ISA and Pensions). I look at my numbers and I simply cannot believe I am where I am. Total funds are up approximately 50% over the course of the year – the growth of this over the year has been phenomenal. I have knocked 11 months off the date that I would hit my target number already….. ok I am still not hitting my 2025 date yet, but I have another 8 years still, and a couple of good bonuses and I should be hitting it…

Overall performance has been fantastic – it is continuing to increase and go up.

I have only recently started to forecast my liquid total for 2025 so I will see how that goes over time…

I have still not knocked a year off the mortgage sadly, however it is still ahead of schedule to be paid off. I am still making an effort each month to knock down a little extra each month so it is going the right way but still remains the biggest challenge to my FIRE dreams.

The income generated by my ISAs continues to increase year on year and now is starting to generate some significant funds – as the saying goes… I’m loving it!


I think it has also been an ok year work wise – I am ending the year in a great work position – new role, and another further role to help me go for promotion. Sadly it looks like the promotion is likely going to happen in 2020 as the earliest date. This doesn’t fill me with great confidence sadly but, it’s work and I will continue to put my all into it



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4 thoughts on “Blink and you miss it….”

  1. Happy blog anniversary, FiL! I hope to continue being your number 1 commenter! ๐Ÿ™‚

    It must be fantastic to view your overall performance – 50% growth is phenomenal as you say and long may that continue! I think I’ve mentioned in the past that my target date is around 2025 (or 2024, if I work out that I’m happy to live on less!) – it’s still too soon really to tell if I’m actually on track but like you, I’m heading in the right direction!

    2020 seems like it’s a long time away but as we’re on the cusp of 2018, it’s only really 2 years and that time will fly by!


    1. Hi Weenie,
      Thanks – seems you are on full target for it ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yes the growth has been insane – even though there was a large amount of contributions this only catered for some of the increase I would never have guessed I would be sitting on this amount when I first started!
      As you say who knows what the market will do over the next 7 years but the more to plug away and see where it goes. I just enjoy seeing the target date getting closer and closer – a really good feeling!
      Yes, if it is anything like this year then next will fly by!
      Enjoy the new year!


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