Jan ’18 Go T’ Pub Performance

So once again, enjoying the fire and forget approach, knowing there is nothing I can do about world performance, I am getting whatever happens in the markets. I really can’t believe how much this has taken away some of the scrutiny I put in and how much less this (should) make me worry about money.

For the full details over all of the portfolios as a summary please refer to the full month end report – this is specifically looking at what has happened on the Go T’ Pub portfolio only.

So the key bullet points for this month:

  • New Funds added. As always, the regular contribution of £1,100 has gone in however I added an additional £30 to this, taking it up to £1,130 so that I was certain to get 18 VWRL units
  • This month the portfolio threw out £28.51 courtesy of VWRL…
  • No withdrawal was made
  • Left over cash from the previous purchases was left in

So once again just the fire and forget approach – don’t under estimate how nice and simple this is! Just over £9 per month in income basically, so that means I have now bought myself a free “Pint and a bag of crisps” each month 🙂

Overall performance: The starting value was £14,557.75, with £1,130 in new funds added, and £0 withdrawals, meaning total starting value was £15,687.75. We finished the month on £15,499.17 so the total performance across the whole portfolio was -1.20%. Not good as it came down (although total value still up) – hopefully soon the value of VWRL will start to drop so that I can buy more than just the 18 that I have to keep adding funds to make sure I can get! Otherwise it’s nice seeing how the income starts going up.

As a question to regular readers – would you be interested in seeing how the income from VWRL grows over time with the regular investments?

So, time to get into the detail…..


So I added some extra cash to keep the 18 unit purchases going at £64.37 making the average cost per unit of £61.62. Main thing is more and more units getting added which is nice!

So looking at the lovely graph again…


So the second month in a row with a clear break between the value and the contributions – it is rather nice seeing that! Given the dividends will provide (hopefully) a bit more of a gap going forward. I am sure this will change in the next slump but I will relish it for now! That said – if the values drop then I can get more units so in 7 years it will be good….

Cash vs. Investment Trust

So for me this was the more interesting part of the overall approach – I transferred 50% of my last remaining cash ISA over to an IT and will be tracking the two together to see how things perform. Remember – you really, REALLY shouldn’t do this. Keep cash on hand, be able to sleep knowing your bills would be covered etc.

So, how is it looking?

Cash Now stands at £5,127.63
S&S ISA IT Now stands at £5,194.00

A stonking month for the Cash ISA – a whole 45p this month! I can’t believe how well that is doing ;-). Seems CTY had a bit of a lapse this month but still above the cash value, so that is something…

How does the rollercoaster look now? Well, very much like this:


Motion sickness tablets anyone?! Not too bad, but doesn’t make it easy to sleep at night if this was your only emergency saving!


More of the same – slow and steady with the total value just continuing to tick up… all helps towards my end goal.

As I previously mentioned, I am thinking seriously about my insurance. If I do stop paying the insurance, then I will look at adding this into this ISA – most likely an Investment Trust with dividends reinvested to form yet another bunch of “emergency cash”.

My thinking of putting in some money and selecting stocks is still on hold for now – mainly because I don’t have the spare cash 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Jan ’18 Go T’ Pub Performance”

  1. Nice progress,

    Think there may be a minor typo in the figure here? “S&S ISA IT Now stands at £5,1940.00”

    I look forward to following the cash ISA vs investment trust progress 😉


  2. Any concerns in the last week having such low cash amounts?
    I added another 500 on top of my usual 200 s and s isa and put another 500 in my p2p account. Also increased monthly my monthly investment to 300 a month. Baby steps and alot of my other income for savings is going into my SAYE accounts. Thinking g of opening another one of those this year with my other 250 allowance. Itll mean I have 650 a month going into stuff I can’t access for at least 5 years, 150 of which is actually buying shares on a monthly basis meaning without any growth I’ll have 40k which gives me the beginning of a decent investment sum with almost no risk at all. I’m just wary of the opportunity cost of having too many eggs in one basket accepting 500 quid a month is completely secure


    1. Hi FBAB,

      Absolutely not! Who knows what the price will be when my auto purchase kicks in again – main thing is I am buying things! I just push to get as much locked away each month that I can afford to so the main thing keeps growing.
      40k is not a bad little lump sum that you forget about for 5 years – main thing is it just disappears and is invested, you can sit back and relax!
      Yes – diversification is a very important part, its partly why I am going VWRL so much now – yes its still vanguard but its globally diversified, so I keep happy!



      1. Well 500 a month isn’t invested its just in Saye so I will buy the shares at the previous price less 5% at the end Its made 25% so far but only a year in so if it stays there will be about, 5% per year for no risk. The 150 only costs me 90 as is before tax in something called a sip (stock investment plan). That’s tax free if it stay In for 5 years I’m planning to just keep that going for at least 5 years and maybe then stop the payments leave it all for another 5 so it’s all tax free. Dividend yield is 1.89% and that gets reinvested too so should be a tidy sum after ten years. I don’t want more than that in a single share even if it is the company I work for which is a huge cash rich global business so should be pretty safe. I just want to try and get my non pension savings up. It feels like I should have more (currently 50k) though I don’t know why as you said before it’s a marathon not a race and it’s 50k more than most 37 years olds have!


        1. I don’t blame you at all – one word, Enron! Far better to split out with some diversification!
          And yes it’s a very good position to be in – far better than most! Given the tax benefits from it then it’s not a bad thing. I am doing similar with our companies share scheme which just started – as soon as they vest in 5 years time I will cash the lot in but its a no brainer with the tax free side!
          Good luck on it!


  3. Yes, I wouldn’t mind seeing the income growing, only because I hold VWRL myself so it’s nice to see other people holding it and profiting from it!

    Price on CTY did tank a little but the divis will continue at a decent yield. I should have purchased some more but my cash was earmarked for something else.

    Does a pint and a packet of crisps really cost £9 in London?

    No wonder you set up this fund or you’d never be able to afford to go out upon retirement! 🙂

    Looking good anyway!


    1. Hi Weenie,

      In that case I shall keep a track of it – I know JustETF do a table of it but I think I will find a way to show not just how much per share but also total income to show the growth!

      Yes – this is why you should really not put your emergency cash into the stock market lol. That said I am enjoying watching the ride, knowing that longer term I will be better off!

      Possibly a slight exaggeration – you may get a couple of bags of crisps, but I assume that a pint is between £5 and £6 if I go out to the pub. Some can be a bit more than £6, but there you go!

      Yes – this way I can not worry about it and have some fun – once it kicks in enough. When I get to about £60 then I know it is a meal out for us both!


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