What on earth….

Has been going on here?! It’s been over a month since my last post, which I can only apologise for – I am way behind despite having mostly created the posts ready, I need to get myself in some form of order!

This really is only a short post to demonstrate I am still alive!

The last month has flown by faster than I could have ever imagined – a week away with work meant some very long days, then playing catch up on my return and combining with mid-year means things tend to get away from me.

I’ve been catching up with people (face to face would you believe) which also involved a rather large volume of various beers (including a fantastically named “Arrogant Bastard Ale” and an Ice Cream ale – bloody delicious on a hot day!). Coupled with a bit of entertaining at home, a weekend away, this is probably the first time I have had chance to properly sit down and pen something.

Added to the slight distraction of the Tour de France on the background also uses up some of my time!

Have I got bored of posting and talking about finances? Not at all although if I am being critical I probably could have posted sooner, so I will have to try harder on this.

I can’t believe I haven’t done June’s data yet, never mind my year look back.

I could do it today, however having been up since 6am (I have a huge long list of things I have done) and been non stop until 2pm, so now a nice glass of white wine, enjoy the breeze and plonk myself in front of the Tour and, a little later, some nice cold meat, salad and cheese.



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4 thoughts on “What on earth….”

  1. Good to see you’re still around FIL. i was starting to wonder!

    That ale sounds fab. We went to a rock n ale festival last night that my client puts on in aid of motor neurone disease (not reading festival exactly just a few hundred people, some amateur live bands. Hog roast and a selection of real ale and other booze) . I had a few pints of a triple chocolate stout which was mighty fine! looking forward to your next update


    1. Hi FBA,
      Yes still around but just insanely busy so I need to take a look at my priorities and free up some time!
      Oooo sounds like the festival should have been fun…. the stout sounds interesting. Recent porters I’ve tried have been an Ice Cream Porter (as well – also nice) and a white chocolate porter which was very nice but couldnt drink more than 1 pint of it!


  2. Hi FiL

    Good to hear that all is well with you. Am liking the sound of the ales you sampled during your time away – I tried a couple of interesting ones when I was in Hong Kong, (including an IPA with tones of melon and grapefruit) but the prices (per bottle) were eye-watering!

    Also, have made the decision to only have beer on Fridays, in a bid to tackle some ‘holiday poundage’ I’ve acquired, which means my stash of homebrew will last a bit longer! I won’t be able to start my next batch until mid-August so it needs to last til then!


    1. Hi Weenie,
      Yes – there were lots of great beers – the melon and grapefruit sound somewhat interesting… sounds similar to some of the sours here, not sure I could stomach it to be honest, but I dread to think of the price!!!
      Ah very well done – if you can stick to the beer only on a Friday I will be impressed, I’ve dropped back into old habits so drinking more than just the weekend, but hey ho! 🙂

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