Jun ’18 Go T’ Pub ISA Performance

So this is not a great sign that it is the middle of August nearly and I am only just writing up June, still at least I shouldn’t be short of posts for the next couple of weeks!

For the full details over all of the portfolios as a summary please refer to the full month end report – this is specifically looking at what has happened on the Go T’ Pub portfolio only.

I know they are changing the charging mechanism for Selftrade and I had it in my diary this Monday to look at but time flew by once again and I have done nothing about it. I recall doing  a quick scan and thinking I was too lazy to make it worthwhile to move, but I will need to do proper research on that. Oh well.

So, what activity did we have this month?

  • New Funds added. As always, the regular contribution of £1,100 has gone in
  • No dividends were paid. Maybe I should find some other ETFs to buy that pay out in different months just to give me a little excitement
  • No withdrawal was made
  • Left over cash from the previous purchases was left in

Overall performance: The starting value was £20,634.47 with £1,100 in new funds added, and £0 withdrawals, meaning total starting value was £21,734.47. We finished the month on £21,665.77 so the total performance across the whole portfolio was -0.32%.

Not ideal but the fact that the portfolio isn’t racing up means I can keep buying more units I guess….

So, lets get into the detail…..


So the standard units were purchased – however with the high price means I could only afford to buy a further 17 units at £63.62 per unit (a slight dip on the previous month), making the average cost per unit of £61.78. So it just keeps ticking along and increasing the number of units which all helps!

Given how busy June was it means I didn’t look the minute the shares were purchased, and so I just had to look at the end of the month!

So – how does this now look as the graph data slowly builds up?


The clear air gap continues! At some point I expect there to be a fall, when who knows. The same old automatic, proven, method is ticking along thank you very much!

Cash vs. Investment Trust

So now for the fun, and highly not recommended, part. The money from my Cash ISA that was part of my emergency fund that I invested in the market to see what would happen over time.

So, how is it looking?

Cash Now stands at £5,130.23
S&S ISA IT Now stands at £5,395.68*

*Disclaimer – I may have misrecorded this but have no idea…

So still quite a way ahead, with another 12 shares bought through dividend reinvestment – making 46 extra shares from dividends already – that’s compounding for you!

How does the rollercoaster look now?


So, still looking not at all bad all told. Again this is my emergency fund so I would HAVE to sell if I needed the cash regardless of what the price was – not a situation you want to find yourself in if you can help it!


I continue to shout about how wonderful this fire and forget is. If you don’t have some weird spreadsheet fetish and just want to get on with your life rather than worry about this – crank up the investment to the max and forget about it – bliss!


Author: fireinlondon

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6 thoughts on “Jun ’18 Go T’ Pub ISA Performance”

  1. Love this portfolio and great to see that clear air gap continuing! I’m due to purchase some more CTY at some point (maybe in a couple of months’ time) so hope the premium doesn’t go up by too much.

    I look forward to getting the important aspects of my portfolios absolutely on track, so that I too can consider setting up my own Go T’ Pub fund. Can’t let one distract me now, haha!


    1. Hi Weenie,
      Thanks – yes a real buzz to see that gap! I have to say I am a big fan of the ITs in general as they keep ticking up and going on can’t grumble!
      Yes – getting the main portfolio is important, then you can think about the rest – I have more investment ideas than I have cash to do anything with – but that will always be my case i think!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I applaud your bravery of having no cash. I keep about 7k as my girlfriend has about 6 in cash so we’ve agreed we’re counting that as ours emergency fund. She’s not as diligent with chasing saving rates as me so makes sense to maximise my cash for us both


    1. Hi FBA,
      I should probably be a little clear – I have the cash equivalent of the Cash ISA in cash, and one other savings, but certainly not anything major – these are my “Oh shit I need to pay the mortgage” style so I dont mentally consider them – my usual cash reserves are zero, the others I cant touch.
      It’s not easy but actually I know it works for me, and I will build them up but main thing is the investments keep going!
      Very well done on the emergency funds – thats a great way of locking those away so you are covered, but as long as you are both saving then it has to be good!


  3. Yep exactly I’ve got her to open sipp as her work pension is pretty crap so only pays enough to get the employer contributions she put 100 a month in sipp too. Shes on about 30so not terrible money but i think the idea of fire is very difficult if you’re not a low level hrt payer at least. She pays me 250 a month towards house bills etc. Half the shopping and half the dog costs and also contributes towards holidays and saves 250 a month on top of the sipp so certainly not a spendthrift. She pays s mobile bill and s car loan of about 180 which to be honest I’m toying with clearing to give her more saving money. She’s very independent but I’ve said to her not to contribute so much she’s broke that’s pointless.

    I have another friend who while not as big a difference her husband earn s good 30% more than her but they pay half of everything. This results in her being broke most months and him having surplus funds. Each to their own but i really don’t understand that especially when married.


    1. I think its a very difficult one – you have to go for what works for you. Sounds like your gf is doing very well saving all that on that wage, so credit to her for that!
      We split house bills 50/50 and likewise some of the bigger purchases we save together for, but I often end up putting extra in to make it up but thats fine!


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