Jul ’18 Performance

I can’t believe I am almost at the end of August and I have only now got around to getting this posted – I must do better! On the flip side of all of that, I really didn’t keep much attention to what was going on once again. Everything is on autopilot – my actively managed ISA is just building up cash so really there isn’t much to do. Life can be good!

As I covered in my “How I measure performance” – basically I take the value of the portfolio at the end of last month, add on any contributions for the month, and that was my starting value. End value is the value at the end of the reporting period. Simples 🙂

‘folio Perf. Notes
Company Pension 2.64% No income generated as all funds are in growth or reinvested
Personal Pension 2.60% No income generated as all funds are in growth or reinvested
ISA 1 1.30% No income generated as all funds are in growth or reinvested
ISA 2 0.80% The performance does not include the income that was paid out into my account
ISA 3 1.39% Although dividends are paid out, they remain in the ISA wrapper, and will get reinvested for growth. The performance figure includes both the Capital growth, and also income received which will get reinvested.
ISA 4 2.86% Go T’ Pub ISA
FTSE-100 1.46% This excludes any dividends
FTSE-250 0.23% This excludes any dividends
FTSE-All 1.22% This excludes any dividends
S&P500 3.65% This excludes any dividends
Dow Jones 4.75% This excludes any dividends
VWRL 3.28%
VHYL -2.73%
GBP/USD -0.63% This was taken on the spot rate on the close of the last day of the month. Going forwards I will pick up the exchange rate from www.xe.comfor consistency and real life 🙂

So, the US continues its upwards path, the pound slipped a little, and all my various portfolios went up a bit in value. Nice.

So my IFA beat me this month, but then he is more heavily US based (with the exception of GTP).

Really a very boring month. Money goes in. Money buys stuff. Money produces more money. Pot goes up. No magic (sadly), no 100 baggers making me an overnight millionaire (sadly, again), but the slow and steady inevitable climb towards retirement continues. Bring it on!


Note: For those of you in either the FI London or FI UK Facebook groups, and for those note, there is another FI Meet up planned on the 19th October in central London. Estimates at the last meet up was that around 100 people turned up (of which I only got to chat to a very small fraction) – please do come along, bring a friend as well if you so want!


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12 thoughts on “Jul ’18 Performance”

  1. Congrats Fil

    I got my grandads probate so have been busy Investing that.

    I heard a really interesting podcast by early retirement now in the US on the choose fi podcast about letting go of the emergency fund. The guy was talking about the opportunity cost of not investing that money vs having the safety net for some infinitesimaly small risk of negative event occurring. I’d been semi doing this anyway as my job is secure so had gone down to 3 month spending so I will be investing all the proceed including the bit I ‘need’ to change my car etc. I,ll still have 15k in cash plus another 17k in p2p which I can exit barring some calamity and failing that I can borrow at 2.7% or bank of dad. I have access to over 25000 of credit card balance which is paid off every month and 1500 to 2k of cash flow. It was really useful to put in perspective how bad of an event would have to be for me to sell my holdings. And that emergency fund can be growing all the time. Yes it could go down but there are options


    1. Hi FBA,
      Glad the probate has come through and (hopefully!) everything is now sorted with that?
      I think it always comes down to individuals circumstances. If you are only able to save a small %age then the emergency fund helps a lot. As you say, with good credit card emergency balance, potentially overdraft as well so there are opportunities.
      One of the reasons I did the GTP ISA with the City IT was to see what happens – so far only once would it be worth a bit less than the cash, so I am going to guess at some point that will end up being a larger and larger part of my emergency fund!
      The main thing is how much “risk” you can cope with – markets could potentially lose over 50% from current highs, so selling at that point would be harsh, but then how likely is that?


  2. Yes I’ve filled my isa and now have 37k in vgrd 100 lifestrategy. I put 2500 in to pantheon investment trust as someone mentioned it on the money saving expert forum and I just thought it looked so Interesting and as far away from indexed funds as you can get . Then anther 2500 in vanguard smaller companies as this isn’t covered by lifestrategy .

    I then put another 10k in to blackrock consensus 60/40 in my girlfriends account with hargreaves where her small pension is to get away from everything being in vanguard and 2400 i to fundsmith and cty. The idea is to use the small satellite funds to a) try and outperform accepting they probably won’t and b)with 10k in a 60/40 fund hedge against volatility all my funds being down at once.

    The idea being I can draw from multiple sources for my car and house renovation and at the end of the day I can just lease another car for a few years if it’s not the right time

    Ditto my p2p investments. 12000 is spread across 3 lower risk platforms (lending works assetz capital and 1k with ratesetter for the bonus ) with 5000 in ablrate. I do regard p2p as high risk, (i think platform risk is underrated) but I’m looking at 17k out of a total net-worth of 500k plus now including home equity and 270k plus cash and investible assets
    For a 9% return on that part of my portfolio with ready access and no volatility it seems like a worthwhile risk reward to me. I feel like diversifying mean I’d be massively unlucky to have all my funds down at the moment my p2p goes bust and needing the money out having lost my job and lines of credit. The podcast really helped me get some perspective. If all the above happens I won’t be buying a car anyway and have bigger problems!

    The chap in question has a million in investments but the point was life is a risk. You can spend a huge amount of time planning for some one in a 1000 years event that never happens or once you are further along your investment journey like you and to a certain extent me, you can control your expenses and bung as much as possible into the areas giving you the highest opportunity to make a good return while sensibly diversifying to manage risk. Like I say it convinced me that at my stage and with a secure job it was time to up the risk scale a bit and I can now see why you’re doing the same high markets or not


    1. Hi FBA,
      Yes – there is an element of the risk aversion that seems to grip people but everyones circumstances are different. I would like to have more cash on hand if I could, but I am not willing to reduce my investments yet – I would like if I can to be able to fill up entirely my ISA as well, but that is a challenge. As you say – life is a risk in itself, so why worry too much and just know how you will deal with it.
      Well, the reasoning you have to be happy with so I can’t comment on that, and as I am not an IFA I can’t comment on the funds either 😉 I have become more and more of a fan of VWRL for the need to do nothing about it….


    1. Hi QT,
      Apologies – I had thought I had replied to this! These are previous years ISAs that have built up – so yes each year you can only have one S&S ISA, but I have had these from previous years and hence now have 4 pots…


  3. Hi FiL

    Was the London meet what you expected and did you get to meet/chat to other bloggers? Did you stay anonymous? 🙂

    I’d like to attend one at some point but would have to justify it cost-wise or it’d eat into my savings rate, haha!

    Anyway, all looks good investments-wise, in particular your Go T’ Pub ISA.

    I currently have two ISA pots but will open a 3rd one next tax year with Vanguard to stack up on those investments.


    1. Hi Weenie,
      Ok 3rd time lucky! It was massive, I cant believe how many people turned up – I remember the early days years ago and there were about 8, this time about 100! I stayed anon but a few there know who I am but I hide away as best as I could!

      It would be great if you can – there is both a London and UK meet ups this month, although all down south so may not be great.

      Yes the portfolios are ticking along, and I am loving the Go T’ Pub ISA – I just dont need to think about it, heaven!
      Yes – I am contemplating yet another ISA – throwing some money in (maybe 5k) that I will do as completely actively managed and see how I go… but lets see!
      P.S. sorry for the delay, I’ve been on holiday 🙂

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      1. “I will do as completely actively managed” – actively managed by you or by a financial adviser? If by you, maybe you’ve had a look at Freetrade who will be launching their ISA at some point which will cost £3 a month and trades are free or a £1.


        1. Hi Weenie,
          I mean as actively managed by me, but I like the sound of FreeTrade, so will keep an eye on when it launches, and go from there – for now I haven’t even looked at moving SelfTrade which is bad I know given the change in charges but such is life…

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