Aug ’18 Performance

So I am still playing catch up and giving August’s performance when I should be giving September but please do forgive me..I need to hurry things along!

As I covered in my “How I measure performance” – basically I take the value of the portfolio at the end of last month, add on any contributions for the month, and that was my starting value. End value is the value at the end of the reporting period. Simples 🙂

‘folio Perf. Notes
Company Pension 0.97% No income generated as all funds are in growth or reinvested
Personal Pension -0.09% No income generated as all funds are in growth or reinvested
ISA 1 -0.57% No income generated as all funds are in growth or reinvested
ISA 2 -0.32% The performance does not include the income that was paid out into my account
ISA 3 -0.72% Although dividends are paid out, they remain in the ISA wrapper, and will get reinvested for growth. The performance figure includes both the Capital growth, and also income received which will get reinvested.
ISA 4 0.62% Go T’ Pub ISA
FTSE-100 -4.08% This excludes any dividends
FTSE-250 -0.90% This excludes any dividends
FTSE-All -3.46% This excludes any dividends
S&P500 2.98% This excludes any dividends
Dow Jones 2.12% This excludes any dividends
VWRL 1.35%
VHYL 6.08%
GBP/USD -1.29% This was taken on the spot rate on the close of the last day of the month. Going forwards I will pick up the exchange rate from for consistency and real life 🙂

So what to make of it all? Drops across the board outside of the US. Not great, but means I get to buy a little more for all my direct debits (in theory!).

Whilst I never like to see my investments not performing, I really am not worried at present, the more and more I can buy the better.

To be honest, not a lot to see – keep throwing money in, and wait for time to do its magic!



Author: fireinlondon

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3 thoughts on “Aug ’18 Performance”

  1. Remember boring is good when it comes to investments!

    I put my inheritance all in in August and the stock markets been nothing but down since then typically lol. Like you not concerned I’m still drip feeding a small amount in each month while I save some cash for some short terms house renovation and to get rid of my silly car end of next year. We also changed my partners car last month too and I went to OKtoberfest and have Amsterdam and then new york and Panama at Xmas to come so a spendy few months ahead


    1. Absolutely – fire and forget and don’t worry what more could you ask for!
      I wouldn’t worry about the down its the long term, there was a great article on what happens if you only invested the full whack on each market peak – still ended up very well off so I wouldn’t worry!
      Sounds like quite a bit of spend coming up, but as long as you know it, plan and enjoy it, then why worry. I make all my purchases now as conscious spend, so I know what I am spending, and why and am happy with it!


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