Where to Start

So firstly, welcome on board!

Having spent some time reading, commenting and generally being a nuisance to the FIRE community, I thought I would hop aboard and provide my own random thoughts on my journey to FI.

I am not claiming to be particularly frugal or even offer the magic bullet of how to do it easily (does winning the lottery count?!) but more to prove what can be done with a little determination, and a nod towards the pointlessness of trying to “Keeping Up With The Jones”.

There is no doubt about it though, London is an expensive city to live in. Accommodation costs are high, transportation costs can be high. I dont believe it is realistic for most people to do the Mr Money Moustache approach of living within walking distance, or potentially even cycling distance in London. I know I could cycle to my current place in an hour (strangely only a bit longer than it takes me by public transport!) but then I would have to shower, take in a change of clothes etc. – none of which is possible.

Why isn’t it possible? I have no locker or storage area at work, I can’t even leave my laptop. In the world of hot desking, my entire office is in my rucksack, and I dread to think what state that would make my shirt be in by the time I got in!

But thats enough ramblings for now! My stated aim is to try and publish one article a week (on average), and I am sure I will re-arrange things as I slowly learn more about WordPress!