I will only really be tracking my two main ISA portfolios on this page, my pension provisions and other ISAs will just tick along in the background, but their performance will be maintained over the usual monthly tracking. The reason being that these are (I think?) the more interesting ones that people may enjoy following, and laughing at learning from my mistakes.

“Actively” managed (by me) ISA.

I shall be disclosing the history of my ISA purchases over a number of posts, and then this will be the central point for maintaining what I have in there as I chop and change things. Its also to give me something to keep publishing over the next few weeks to encourage people to come back and visit 🙂

Stocks currently held in my ISA wrapper are shown below. The average cost covers the total price per share, including all taxes, fees etc. – including any dividend reinvestment costs.

Stock Avg. £ 1st Purchase
SSE 12.66 Nov-10
Invesco Perpetual Income 1.49 Jan-11
BAE 3.61 Feb-11
AZN 30.18 Apr-11
JFJ 1.76 Apr-11
JRS 4.26 Apr-11
BP. 4.35 May-11
RDSB 19.27 Sep-13
RMG 3.39 Oct-13
HGM 0.59 Nov-13
BOD 0.02 Mar-14
Barc 2.36 Mar-14
WPCT 1.00 Apr-15
SMT 2.74 Aug-15
PAF 0.07 Nov-15
VHYL 36.52 Dec-15
NCYF 0.58 Dec-15
BMS 2.85 Jan-17
DSM 1.00 May-17
VMID 31.68 Jul-17
VAPX 19.95 Jul-17
VERX 25.99 Jul-17

Go T’ Pub ISA.

So there is no attempt to time the market – City of London went in when I first opened the ISA, VWRL is just thrown in each month. Prices are rounded to the nearest pence and include dealing costs and stamp duty where applicable.

Ticker # Shares Avg. Price
CTY 1,203 £4.24
VWRL 55 £60.20

Actively Managed ISA (IFA)

So I thought people may be interested in what is in this. I wont split out all of the details but thought to share at least where things are invested simply to at least understand the difference of makeup against some of the trackers.

Investment Area Holding
UK Equity 19%
North American Equity 21%
APAC Equity 22%
European Equity 14%
Other Equity 5%
Cash, Cash equivalent, Property and Alternatives 19%
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