May ’18 Go T’ Pub ISA Performance

So another month flies past us, warm weather greets us, and the GTP ISA continues to tick along in the background with minimal (apart from needing to research alternative providers – still on my to do list!) effort.

For the full details over all of the portfolios as a summary please refer to the full month end report – this is specifically looking at what has happened on the Go T’ Pub portfolio only.

So, what activity did we have this month?

  • New Funds added. As always, the regular contribution of £1,100 has gone in
  • The CTY IT paid out this month which added £56.28 to the coffers which will get reinvested
  • No withdrawal was made
  • Left over cash from the previous purchases was left in

So once again a very quiet month just ticking along and the number of units keep ticking up.

Overall performance: The starting value was £18,956.13 with £1,100 in new funds added, and £0 withdrawals, meaning total starting value was £20,056.13. We finished the month on £20,634.47 so the total performance across the whole portfolio was 2.88%.

Not at all bad, although VWRL continues to get more expensive to buy, which is reducing the number I can buy.

So, lets get into the detail…..


So the standard units were purchased – however with the rising price means I could only afford to buy a further 17 units at £64.20 per unit, making the average cost per unit of £61.64. So it just keeps ticking along and increasing the number of units which all helps! This is the first month I have not been able to purchase the minimum 18 units which is disappointing, but I guess it is quite expensive right now!

So really absolutely nothing to see here – money goes in, units are bought… I fall asleep lol

So – how does this now look as the graph data slowly builds up?


So look at that – the first “clear air” between the contributions and stock value – woohoo! But I won’t start singing “I’m in the money” just yet…

So a year on of investments (my first one went in in May 2017) – and its already worth £15,000. At the 4% SWR that is £50 a month already – not at all bad!

Cash vs. Investment Trust

So now for the fun, and highly not recommended, part. The money from my Cash ISA that was part of my emergency fund that I invested in the market to see what would happen over time.

So, how is it looking?

Cash Now stands at £5,129.79
S&S ISA IT Now stands at £5,368.58

So stocks still happily above the cash value, and with a dividend to get reinvested to boot – it is starting to look quite nice. However until I know I can cope with at least a 30% fall (i.e. £1,500) I won’t be too happy however it is above the cash value!

How does the rollercoaster look now? Well, very much like this:


For the first time you can see a slight difference between the Starting Value and the Cash ISA value (there is a part of me now that thinks I should have added in what the Cash value would be if it had grown at inflation, but to be honest, I can’t be bothered!).

From a mental point of view it’s great to see the stock value still above the cash.


So the fire and forget is still proving to be a wonderful approach – I really don’t need to do much.

I still need to follow up and finish the post on my investigations for an alternative provider after Selftrade announced the change to their charging structure.

I really am rather enjoying this stress free approach – it doesn’t give the same returns I experienced with my self select but it is SO much less hassle!


Author: fireinlondon

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One thought on “May ’18 Go T’ Pub ISA Performance”

  1. Hi FiL

    All looking good for this ISA – congrats on the ‘clear air’ between contributions and VRWL ETF, which has taken just 6 months so the gap can only get bigger in time!

    I love the rollercoaster graph between CTY and your cash but yes, a big drop wouldn’t be too fun, especially not at a time when you need the money! Hopefully, that won’t ever be the case!

    Liked by 1 person

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