Oct ’17 Go T’ Pub Performance

Firstly, apologies in the delay of posting this month – more details to follow when time permits.

Before I could blink October was over, and not only over, part way through November. Time really is flying by at the minute, and it’s times like this I am so thankful that my investments are on autopilot – I just don’t need to think about them and they continue.

For the full details over all of the portfolios as a summary please refer to the full month end report – this is specifically looking at what has happened on the Go T’ Pub portfolio only.

So the key bullet points for this month:

  • New Funds added. As always, the regular contribution of £1,100 has gone in
  • This month the portfolio threw out £19.60 from the VWRL – a massive increase from the £7.61 back in July, although not 3 times as much. Still – that pays for either a (cheap) bottle of wine in the pub, or 3 pints and a pack of crisps…. (London is expensive…)
  • No withdrawal was made
  • Left over cash from the previous purchases was left in

So already I am starting to see some benefit of putting the money aside. In effect that replaces a part of my salary, so forever tax free income (hoping they don’t change the ISA rules!).

Overall performance: The starting value was £10,685.48, with £1,100 in new funds added, and £0 withdrawals, meaning total starting value was £11,785.48. We finished the month on £12,002.06, so the total performance across the whole portfolio was 1.84%. A good increase for the month, however I am aware that as the VWRL continues to go up, I will find it harder to buy a regular 18 a month. Still… nearly £20 for the next 3 months, that is a free pint each month (at London prices…) – get in there!


So the standard units were purchased – a further 18 units purchased at £62.53 per unit, making the average cost per unit of £60.78. So it just keeps ticking along and increasing the number of units which all helps!

So – how does this now look as the graph data slowly builds up?


So…. the stock value is just a touch higher than my contributions which is always a nice feeling. As the dividend income continues to tick in and I reinvest in stocks rather than pints, I expect that this gap will only continue to widen over time, even with any market corrections / crashes! It really is rather gratifying to see how quickly the stock values have overtaken the contributions. Of course, we are still waiting for the big correction, but hopefully this will provide some inspiration for people to invest rather than go to the pub 😉

Cash Vs. Investment Trust

So  – back to the challenge of cash against investing for my emergency fund. Remember folks – you should not do this.

So, how is it looking?

Cash Now stands at £5,127.10
S&S ISA IT Now stands at £5,200.78

Yes, that’s right – I got another whole 4p interest in my cash ISA. So not a huge difference between the two right now, but don’t forget that if I were to have to sell to get the cash I would also be charged for the privilege of trading, but I would still be up a fraction. That won’t stop me from putting in a pretty picture of course!


At least the stock is more than the cash, but remember things can change quickly!


So – not a lot really changing, the total value is ticking up very slowly but steadily, with the delight of autopilot making sure I don’t stress about timing or making sure I put money in. After payday the money goes into my ISA account, and towards the end of the month, it buys VWRL and I don’t worry. Wonderful!

I would love to see that CTY values soar further up to give me comfort that I can cope with a 20% crash in the stock market, but that will take a while….



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